Mosquito Repellent Plants

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By , May 6, 2013

Mosquito Repellent Plants In And Around Your Yard

Summer is coming and it’s time to consider which mosquito repellent plants to plant in and around your yard. These clever little plants will help you enjoy your summer without those annoying, pesky little bugs that like to suck your blood. Here are a few great plants to get you started.


Mosquito Repellent Plants Citronella

Next time you fill your citronella candle you can think about this plant that they get the citronella oil from. Why bother with a candle when you can simply plant something pretty in your yard and get the same benefit?

Citronella works great in flower beds or in planters so plant plenty of it. Many like to have it in several planters and move it with them around the yard as they tend to their yard to keep mosquitoes at bay.


Lemon Grass

Mosquito Repellent Plants Lemon GrassThis delightful plant is also used as an herb in Asian cooking. Planted in your yard you can also enjoy it as it repels mosquitoes.

The double duty of the plant make it a favorite in the list of mosquito repellent plants.




Mosquito Repellent Plants MarigoldsThese pretty flowers are excellent at repelling bugs. Many choose to plant Marigolds in and around their vegetable garden to help deter bugs that like to nibble on young plants.

They are also a great benefit planted in flower pots and set around a deck or yard to help repel the mosquitoes.

Once the flowers have dried up save the little black seeds for next year. They will last just fine in a bowl or container until next planting season.



Mosquito Repellent Plants RosemaryThis woody perennial is a lovely plant for your yard that will also do double duty in cooking. It’s lovely needle like leaves will provide a nice flavor your cooking, while its pretty blue, purple, pink or white flowers will look lovely in your yard.

Naturally, mosquitoes don’t like this fragrant plant so feel free to plant several specimens in and around your yard. You’ll enjoy the fragrance and the use of it in cooking.


Mosquito Repellent Plants AgeratumThis plant sports lovely flowers but is toxic when ingested.

The advantage to using it is that it’s also toxic to mosquitoes and they avoid it whenever possible.

Attractive in your yard just make sure that no one mistakes it for an edible plant or you could be taking a trip to the hospital.



Mosquito Repellent Plants PeppermintAh the smell of peppermint, one of the best mosquito repellent plants around. Plant plenty of peppermint in your yard.

You can enjoy the fragrant smell as it wafts across your yard and you can enjoy the delicious leaves in a cup of tea or even in your ice water. This double duty plant is ideal for any yard.



Now that you know what plants to plant to repel mosquitoes, you can begin to plan how you’re going to spend your summer out in your yard. These plants will add color and appeal to your yard while keeping those nasty mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquito Repellent Plants: Nature’s Mosquito Remedy

Mosquitoes are a big problem in much of the world. While their bites might be a bit of an annoyance, they are no laughing matter. In many parts of the world a mosquito bite can lead to one of many life threatening diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. Thus, repelling mosquitoes could be of vital important to the health of your family. You do not need to rely on harsh chemicals like DEET as there are a variety of mosquito repellent plants that will provide you with a more natural solution to your insect troubles.

Citronella grass is probably one of the best known plants that keeps mosquitoes at bay. In fact, there are a variety of citronella scented candles marketed explicitly for this purpose. However, living citronella plants actually are even more effective, so if you live in an area at risk for a mosquito-born disease like dengue, consider planting a couple plants around your house. You should get Citronella witerianus or Cybopogon nardus varieties if you want to get true anti-mosquito effects.

Mosquito repellent plants offer an excellent alternative to man-made compounds which often have mildly toxic effects on humans. By planting these around your house you can construct a natural mosquito barrier to lower your family’s risk of deadly mosquito-born infection.


The Best Mosquito Repellent Plants

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By , July 29, 2013

Right now i am gonna touch upon exactly which plants keep mosquitoes away from you.

Well, mosquitoes have been in existence for quite some time, and they’re going to most likely be around for some time to come, therefore my own way of thinking with that is, before you think about exactly what plants are going to fend off mosquitoes, bear in mind that mosquitoes absolutely love standing water, and so the most effective way to eliminate mosquitoes, is to get rid of any kind of standing water upon your premises. Therefore, if you have containers or pots and pans or even a small kids swimming pool that has water inside it that is standing, never fail to dispose of it, because that’s where mosquitoes and other nasty bugs reproduce, and when you are taking away the water, you simply will not have the mosquitoes.

So whenever you are growing a garden, there are numerous plants and flowers that mosquitoes never go near, and lavender almost certainly is my personal favorite. Lavender is a marvellous plant, and mosquitoes and little or no pesky insects really mess with it. It comes with a lovely full bloom, and it’s really a stunning, gorgeous flower, and it also smells fantastic, and there is a wide range of other plant life, that mosquitoes never mess with.

My sedums they never go near. My crocosmias they just do not mess with, ferns are yet another they keep away from. Many kinds of herbs are excellent for your back garden as well, and a whole bunch of them will have blooms. I have peppermint and thyme, as well as lemon grass, which happens to be what citronella hails from, is the quintessential mosquito repellent, plus the oil is utilized for lots of different mosquito repellents, therefore it’s a terrific plant, but marigolds and chrysanthemums, and daisies, as well as, a great many other plants, are ideal for fending off mosquitoes. There’s lemon balms, as there are different varieties of mums, or asters.

Mosquitoes don’t appear to play around with any of these, however, even though you may have a home garden filled with these types of plants, if you’ve still got standing water, you’ll be getting mosquitoes, therefore it makes sense to include plants inside your garden to defend against mosquitoes.

However in the the final analysis, I discovered by simply rubbing lavender oil, baby oil, or any sort of citronella onto the skin which is uncovered while you are outdoors,the mosquitoes don’t appear to trouble you in the slightest degree.

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